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how to play monkey mart?

Monkey Mart is a delightful idle/management game where players take control of an adorable monkey character entrusted with running a supermarket. The objective is to cultivate fruits, gather produce, and navigate between stations to stock the shelves with a diverse range of food items.

how to play monkey mart?

Explore the market as you swiftly collect fresh crops and position yourself by the aisles to neatly stack them for customers to select. No button pressing required! Your character will diligently handle all the tasks while you simply need to ensure you're in the right spot.

how many parts are there in monkey mart?

There are endless parts.As you progress and unlock additional aisles, expand your market by introducing new products, and hire assistants to oversee aisle maintenance and other employees. Furthermore, you can invest in appliances that facilitate the creation of advanced products using your harvest, including chocolate bars, coffee, yogurt, popcorn, peanut butter, muffins, cookies, ice cream, and much more! It's essential to upgrade your character's management skills, unlock new workstations, and provide your staff with training to enhance their abilities.

how to cheat in monkey mart?

Changing local storage could in monkey mart.